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    Anthony Chin T W (born 1969), designer turned visual artist, graduated with an MA in industrial design from the Royal College of Art (UK). As a former Singapore EDB overseas scholar, he created award-winning design works and led two design agencies as the creative director for 10 years.

    After his stint in the field of design, he backpacked extensively in the region for few years, while focusing on visual art. This journey eventually led him into creating immersive installation artworks that draw on subjects confronting our state of contemporary being. He has participated in various local design and art projects and has recently done his first solo art show in China Beijing’s 798 art district.

    Anthony works and lives in Singapore, ChiangMai and Beijing

    Artist statement

    I am drawn to issues that challenges humanity and attempt in locating and understanding my own place in this actuality. I seek ways to crystalise observations I find in our contemporary life amidst the highly complex flow of information around the world, learning widely from it to generate immersive multi-media works that draw on subjects confronting our state of being.

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