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    Anthony Chin T W (born 1969), designer turned visual artist, graduated with MA in industrial design from the Royal College of Art (UK). After his stint in the field of design, he backpacked the region extensively for few years, while focusing on visual art. This journey eventually led him into creating immersive site-specific installation artworks that poetically and conceptually respond to the architectural presence and history of the sites. His site-responsive process works that results through research, uses common materials to invoke particular places with attention to their geopolitical implications.

    He has participated and exhibited in various local and overseas art shows, including three editions of OH! OpenHouse and had his first solo art show in Beijing’s 798 art district.

    Anthony works and lives in China, Thailand and Singapore.

    Artist statement

    I am drawn to issues of power that challenges our collective existence, in part as a response to being on a tiny island city state. Through extensive research, I am keen in crystalizing observations and transforming and/or playing with discovered information, to create a form of artistic intervention.

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