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    A phrase – “your ceiling is my floor, my floor is your ceiling, your floor is my ceiling, my ceiling is your floor” is translated using the inherently flawed Google Translate as it lists the most commonly used languages in the world. Translated into 83 languages and in font point size 20, the phrases are then graphite transferred onto & circumvents the facade of the 3-storey building. Forming 2 fine lines, the phrases defines the porous spaces between the 3 neighbours of the building. The graphite work is only readable using binocular and will fade away in due course. Through this micro concept of borders, the work reflects on Benedict Anderson’s theory of ‘Print Capitalism’ in his transformative ‘Imagined Communities’ that sets language, print technology and capitalism as the main attributes to the modern day ‘nationess’ and its consciousness.

    Material: Grahite transfer
    Dimension: Varied
    Exhibited: OH! Passport, 155 Everitt Road Singapore


    Processes, design, details