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  • Air Doa Selamat

    The Johor causeway was built to resolve traffic congestion between the two states, under the British Colonial authority. It was officially completed on June 11, 1924, the Causeway’s five year construction period involved more than 2,000 workers and consumed about two million cubic metres of granite that were blasted form Pulau Ubin quarries. The deep quarries are now filled up by rain water. 

    A piece of granite rock taken from the causeway is used as a master for a mould. Water from a Pulau Ubin quarry was turned into ice using the mould. To keep the ice in its form, effort would be required. 

    ‘Air Doa Selamat’ refers to the occasion where Johor royalties poured ceremonial waters into the Johor Straits, during the laying of the Causeway’s foundation stone ceremony. 

    Media: Water from Pulau Ubin Quarry, Ice moulded from Causeway granite rock, display freezer
    Dimension: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.77M (freezer); 20 x 10 x 15 CM (ice)
    Exhibited: Our Heartlands https://ourheartlands.pluralartmag.com