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  • Never knew his name

    Work created from a memory of the park near my grandparents’ place, as part of ‘Remembering Parks project’. It was a very simple park with huge trees, see-saws, swings and a river running along one side of it. My playmate was mentally challenged but we had lots of fun playing together. It was an usual school holiday morning when my mother stopped me from going to the park. “The boy you played with drowned in the river the afternoon before, while trying to retrieve a football.” It was much later when I was allowed to go back to the park. I played on the see-saw, the swing and ran around. I was all by myself. Through this project, I realized, I never knew his name. 

    The ‘installation/see-saw’ is heavier on one end - a reaction to playing by myself after the boy was gone. I wanted to ‘reserve’ the other end of the see-saw for the boy. The brass birds prevent user/s from sitting on the heavier end. 

    I dedicate this piece of work to the boy.

    Material: Tree trunk, cement, steel 
    Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.5 x 0.8M 
    Exhibited: 30 LifeStories – irememberParks – Singapore East Coast Park D zone, Fort Canning Park, Dhoby Rise