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  • Point 20 Sliver

    A ticker display, inspired by the art residency home owner’s financial profession, is planted into the communal garden that sits at the back of a private apartment on infamous Everitt Road, Singapore. The garden with its boundary walls separates itself from the immediate neighbours that lies in very close proximity. Typically used in financial trading to dispaly stock exchange movement and hence global capital flow, the ticker display has been subverted to display 138 official territorial dispute registered with the United Nation, in the form of their geographical coordinates. This list in the display flows in from and exits through the boundary wall, visually connecting the work to the public alley besides the garden. The shape of the display mimics the port limit set by Singapore government (07 December 2018) that was in territorial dispute with Malaysia.

    Media: LED display double-sided
    Dimension: Overall - 4 x 2.5 x 0.5m
    Exhibited: OH! Passport, 155 Everitt Road Singapore


    Processes, design, details