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    The name Pacific Ocean originates from the Latin word "Mare Pacificum", which means the peaceful ocean. However, beneath this calm water, countries and its people in this region struggles over complex geopolitical issues. Singapore is one of the important island state on the Western Pacific region. 

    In our globalized world, new walls are forming due to xenophobic ideas & nationalistic protectionism. This show is an attempt to scale over these walls erected around us using two precious resources that Singapore does not posses. The tiny island state, struggles with a lack of natural resources and imports them for its survival and growth. As a resource, both water and sand is politicised and has seen its fair share of straining bilateral ties between the city state and the region. That sense of vulnerability due to the uncertainty surrounding the basic resources motivated the works.

    Co-production: XiaoQiZu /ChenLingJie Curator: Wang Jiang  
    Exhibited: Mo Shang Experiment, 798 Art District, Beijing